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Vegan Vegetarian

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Welcome To My Blog
About Vegan And Vegetarian Food.
I Love Cooking And Why Not Share A Bit Of My Talent With You Guys.

Vegan.Vegans dont eat anything that comes from animals,
so no egs no milk or honey.
Most vegans also avoid the use of all products tested on animals, as well as animal-derived non-food products, such as leather, fur and wool.

Vegetarian.Vegetarians dont eat meat or fish.
But there is so many different types of vegetarians
some eat eggs, some eat fish. i dont judge what is a real vegetarian or not.


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Good morning LOVElies! Are you a fan of fruit infused coconut water as much as I am? 😊 Coconut water is all natural,  hydrating,  fat-free,  cholesterol-free,  nutrient-packed,  potassium-stacked, and has mega-electrolyte. 😍 Add that to fresh fruits,  let it infused… Mmm YUM!!! 

Love love love!  See you on my next post!  Muahz! 😘

#infusedwater #coconut #water #fruit

Chocolate avocado mousse / Recipe
Pancit Bihon is a philippines dish. Its made with cellophane noodles that is gluten free, fried carrots,Onions,cabbage and beans, mix with soy sauce and garlic and you put some fresh calamansi on it (lime fruit) it mostly comes with meat but you Can ask to get it veg. Its a simple but very good dish
I brought my daily gluten free oats from Denmark to the philippines, cause I cant live without my rolled oats porridge for breakfast, but you cant get oats here in the philippines. I was lucky to find 1 kg almonds in one supermarket but its really rare and they are exspensive because its not local. Honey and cinnamon is no problem to buy here.
This is so delicious