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Vegan Vegetarian

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Im a 24 year old Vegetarian who is Gluten sensitive and lactose intolerant. Here I will share delicious dishes and inspiration for a green healthy lifestyle




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I love your blog! I've been a vegetarian for 7 years already. You probably get this a lot too: people who ask, "Don't you miss meat?" And my answer is always no, because at this point it's not just a dietary 'choice' for me, it's my way of life and I can't picture myself not being vegetarian. Anyway, thanks for the recipe ideas your blog has given me. Keep them coming!

Thank you so much for this sweet message and you’re right, after so many years you just don’t miss it, its become something more than it was at first :)

have a lovely sunday

Rabbit Food

Ive made a Facebook page were you can find links to my blog and instagram, its all new and there will be many great recipes coming up there. 


Hey, I need your help beautiful! I need some orientation I think. I wanna go vegetarian, in fact these last days I've been going lacto-ovo-vegetarian with no problems. I don't want to eat breads, pastas, rices, etc.

you can choose gluten free and vegan breads, make pasta out go vegetables or choose rice noodles, there are many kinds and they taste so good :) brown and wild rice are a good source for a healthy lifestyle 


Maybe a few portions of nuts, seeds would be okay. I was wondering how would it go if I ate only vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs n yoghurt. How would I be called? Strict vegetarian? I'm an athlete. Tips?

vegetarians consume dairy products :) 

I would go to fb and search for the group vegan bodybuilding and fitness, lots of tips and inspiration, also visit 


Hey, so I've been told that technically I'm a vegetarian? I basically only eat chicken for meat. I've been told that I'm a pollotarian. Is that a legit thing?

well you’re defiantly not a vegetarian by eating chicken :) you’re a meat eater who only consume chicken meat

A pollotarian (aka a pollovegetarian or a pollo-vegetarian) is someone who will not eat the flesh of any red meat mammals, but does includechicken, turkey and other poultry. They may or may not also exclude fish, seafood or products like eggs and dairy from their diet. Reasons for exclusion vary from taste preference to ethical issues. 
Also seen as Pescetarianism, Semi-vegetarianism, Flexitarianism, Lacto-ovo vegetarianism 
Many pollotarians buy there poultry from cage free farms.
The new Black Fluted dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen is so beautiful, my food would look a 1000 times better on this. I know what I’m wishing for this christmas.

Healthy With Mai

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hi, I'm a new follower. I thought it was cool to find someone who was a vegetarian and lactose intolerant...I love dairy products but I recently realized it was soo not worth the agony your blog btw :-)

Thank you very much :) no its not worth it in anyway
I even react on some lactose free dairy products 


Can I ask what nail polish you're wearing in the chocolate soy milk pic? So pretty :3

thank you :) Chanel Frenzy and  silver glitter on top

The best soy chocolate milk Ive tried, Its from Danis Urtekram. 

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