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Vegan Vegetarian

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Im a 24 year old Vegetarian who is Gluten sensitive and lactose intolerant. Here I will share delicious dishes and inspiration for a green healthy lifestyle




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Vegan 5 Ingredient Pumpkin Fudge
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"Consider this: some of the fiercest animals in the world — the elephant, rhino, hippo and gorilla — are Plantpowered herbivores. And nobody asks them where they get their protein."

Rich Roll

As an animal lover I've always felt guilty eating meat, but being raised in a practically carnivorous family I never had much choice but now that I'm old enough to make my own choices I want to become vegetarian but so far I haven't found any substitutes for meat, I've trued tofu and even tried cooking it different ways but the texture makes my skin crawl and I'm really stressing about this because I don't want to eat meat, basically can you suggest any substitutes with similar textures?

there are many meat replacements but it depends were you from, what options you have in the supermarkets. Tofu is great is comes in firm and silken, the firm is best for cooking, silken for baking. Seitan and soy granulate is also good replacements. You can make delicious things out of veggies and flour, make beetroot beefs, lentils dumplings, be creative and look through vegetarian blogs for recipes


I am a distance runner that is fast with potential to go to state but my eating habits are horrid. I have tried being a vegetarian and or a vegan before but I have given up twice. Can you help me get on track to being a vegetarian or vegan for the rest of my life or give me advice on what to do? I'm lactose intolerant too!

it is hard to change your lifestyle and a new way of eating. as a athlete I would go check out or its vegan portein powders and much more, they have great programs you can jin and fee recipes


Some plant based sources of // IRON ⭐
Iron is needed each day for the synthesis of new hemoglobin.  Iron carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, carries carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs & helps to keep blood at the correct degree of alkalinity. ✅  Women have a higher need for iron due to considerable blood loss each month. Lack of iron can lead to anaemia (fatigue, lack of concentration, memory trouble, mood swings, fainting..) 💫  There is no excuse not(!) to get the iron levels your body needs through a plant based intake // one of my favorite sources is Blackstrap Molasses! 🍊🍋  Remember that Vitamin C boosts iron absorption xx

Courgette Pasta by on Flickr.

Amélie’s Usual Oatmeal by lustingmind on Flickr.

Persimmon and Tangerine Smoothie with Vanilla, Ginger and Turmeric